Tata International Vietnam volunteers at orphanage

October 11, 2019

On September 7, 2019, Tata International Vietnam Company (TIVCL) went on a half-day volunteering tour to Sunflower Orphanage in Chau Thanh A District, Hau Giang Province. The Orphanage has adopted more than 30 children from families with difficult situations, lack of parents’ love and orphans. Despite the fact that the orphanage is receiving special care and sponsorship from a few organisations, groceries, food and study tools, which would have been provided by the family, are always welcome.

Besides donating 10 backpacks, 20 small blackboards, 10 pencil cases, 5 boxes of pens and pencils, 30 set of colours and erasers, the team spent time making the visit as fun as possible for the children with breaking-the-ice and team-building activities. At the end of the programme, all the children sat down quietly drawing their thoughts on the ‘Full-moon festival’ (also called as the ‘Mid-autumn festival).

Despite the very short time together, the TIVCL team and the children had an enjoyable time.

Sunflower Orphanage in Hau Giang was not the only stop for TIVCL’s volunteers. Traveling back from the orphanage, the team, packed boxes of more than 500 notebooks and rode to the gathering point of ‘Kindhearted Journey’ (Hành trình tử tế). This year, with the hope to keep on spreading the kindness in remote areas, Kindhearted Journey is going to bring TIVCL’s and other sponsors’ support to children in primary and secondary schools in Chau Lang, An Giang (a border area between Vietnam and Cambodia).

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