Value Proposition

As a distribution partner in the African and Asian continents, Tata International offers a number of advantages to OEMs as well as customers.

    • Trusted brand

      The US $100 billion Tata group has been ranked by the Reputation Institute, USA, to be among the top 20 most reputed companies in the world. Tata is a trusted brand in Africa, with more than four decades of holistic presence, focusing on business as well as social responsibility.

      In South Africa, the Tata brand has been ranked by Ask Africa as one of the 19 most reputable foreign companies operating in the country. The ranking is based on critical attributes including financial governance, service and innovation, job creation, transformation, skills development and CSR. Further, we are also significantly rated as a highly respected company, competent in the way we conduct business and deliver on promises. We are a trusted company that is making a meaningful contribution to the continent.

    • One-stop solution

      We are a one-stop shop for equipment, service, parts, customised maintenance contracts, and complete product support including training and customer support. We offer complete solutions making us the perfect partner for any customer or business that uses our automobiles or equipment.

    • Distribution network and infrastructure

      Tata International subsidiary Tata Africa Holdings has showrooms and workshops in over 15 countries in the African continent. This infrastructure underwrites the marketing, distribution and service tie-ups with the brands that we promote. Coupled with our goodwill, our network is an attractive leverage to brands looking to establish themselves in these developing geographies.

    • Dependable partners

      Tata International assures continued and quality products and service support to customers as we have long-term representation agreements with reputable manufacturers. Ethical business is a key part of the Tata Code of Conduct that applies to all our stakeholders. We are exclusive distributors for all the products in the territories that we handle. This ensures that our customers receive prompt and superior service.

    • Latest technology

      Tata International is constantly sourcing the latest equipment technology to bring sophisticated and high-quality products to customers.

    • Customer service

      Trained and experienced staff man our offices. This gives us the ability to support all our customers’ business requirements, including buying decision making and after-sales service support.