Talent Acquisition

At Tata International, Talent Acquisition is centralised, handled by the Corporate HR Team. We use multiple sources such as job portals, LinkedIn, employee referrals, external consultants, group transfers and programmes to source requisite talent.

We believe in developing strong ties with our people that go beyond remuneration and furthermore aims to assist in the development of our people as far as possible. The company holds to the basic principle that the creation of a stable and secure working environment which recognises and rewards enthusiasm is core to any successful business. To this end, Tata International has invested in a significant number of different and highly creative initiatives, from secondary benefits and working conditions through to performance management programmes, which are not only well thought out and structured, but which are equally well-aligned with the culture of the company.

Our management development programme aims to develop leaders who will be able to take our business to the next level, while staying within the purview of our ethics and value systems.