Corporate Social Responsibility

We firmly adhere to the Tata group philosophy of ‘giving back to society many times over’. We aim for long-term value creation for the immediate environment we work in by providing infrastructure support, education and training, scholarships, support for local economies, and through sustainable partnerships with various stakeholders.

The Tata Postgraduate Scholarships continue to be a key feature of Tata group’s Corporate Social Investment programme in South Africa. Through the Scholarship Programme, the group has a significant impact on the country’s objective of increasing skills for citizens primed to take up leadership positions in business, government, and civil society in South Africa, Africa and globally. As per the National Development Plan Vision 2030, research by universities has a key role to play in improving South Africa’s global competitiveness.

In addition to the scholarships, the Tata group contributes to the national objective of increasing the number of women scientists in under-served research areas, through the Women in Science Awards (WISA) programme and a sturdy partnership with the Department of Science and Technology, which began in 2009.

Since the Scholarship Programme began in 2006, over 250 scholarships have been awarded through the University of the Free State, the University of Kwazulu Natal and Wits University.

Additionally, the company’s partnership with Operation Smile South Africa has enabled hundreds of cleft lip and palate surgeries for young babies to adults.

    • Internships

      Our Internship Programme offer graduates hands-on corporate knowledge and experience in the fields of finance, human resources, engineering, operations, etc. to prepare them for their chosen careers in the working world.

      The company’s primary pool of interns consists beneficiaries of the Tata Postgraduate Scholarship Programme, implemented through partnerships with Wits University, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of the Free State and the University of Kwazulu Natal.

      However, internship opportunities also exist in other Tata Africa Holdings subsidiaries for graduates to gain experience in their chosen fields.

      Tata International usually partakes in the following type of Internships:

      • Engineering
      • Finance
      • Information Technology
      • Telecommunications
    • Bridging For Life Programme

      The company has partnered with Valued Initiative Citizens in 2015, towards the Bridging For Life programme in South Africa. The programme invests in 100 young people from disadvantaged communities every two years. It promotes life skills, a sense of responsibility, resilience, self-discipline and career guidance to enable learners to enrol in higher education successfully (without dropping out).

      The Bridging for Life programme reinforces the fact that the youth hold the key to a prosperous and globally competitive South Africa.

  • Teams TAHL and TACSA visited Lofentse Girls High School, in Soweto, South Johannesburg, to celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day on July 17, 2018. Mr Len Brand, Head Distribution and Executive Director Tata Africa Holdings, handed out 100 maths dictionaries to grade 12 learners.
  • Volunteers from Blackwood Hodge at Larche Zimbabwe, a home care for 24 children with intellectual disabilities on September 15, 2017. The team cleaned, did laundry, gardened, welded and chopped firewood.
  • Volunteers from Tata Zambia Ndola team, a Tata International subsidiary, visited the Ndola Cheshire Home for Girls. They interacted with the girls and donated bedding, food, cleaning material, toiletries, a decoder, etc.
  • On October 6, 2017, the Mozambique team visited Casa da Algeria and spent some time with the children. Casa da Algeria was set up three years ago by the Missionaries of Charity to support children without families.
  • Four sets of computer systems and a printer were donated to the Festac Girls Junior Secondary School, Nigeria to promote IT training among the students
  • The Uganda team visited the orphans and widows of Aids victims at the Uganda Primary School in Makindye (Kampala) in November
  • The Uganda team donated food and other necessities to the Uganda Primary School in Makindye (Kampala) for orphans and widows of Aids victims