Tata Daewoo customer meet organised by Ivory Coast division

December 26, 2016

Tata Africa Cote D’Ivoire, a Tata International subsidiary, organised a customer meet for Tata Daewoo customers in November 2016 where 15 select customers and potential customers from the region attended the meeting.

The objective of the event was to demonstrate the company’s commitment of providing world-class products and superior after-sales service. It also presented an opportunity to gain customer feedback on the Daewoo trucks.

Mr Fourier Assi, Commercial and Marketing Manager, Tata Cote D’Ivoire, welcomed guests and spoke about the company’s state-of-the-art workshop. He also assured the attendees of sufficient availability of spare parts.

Mr Vivek Saraswat, General Manager, Tata Africa Cote D’Ivoire, said, “By having this meet, we wish to reinforce Tata International’s commitment of providing the world-class product fully backed up with after-sales support.”

The event was attended by the General Manager, Sales; Deputy General Manager, Sales and General Manager, Technical; and Manager, Research and Development, from Tata Deawoo – Korea.

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