Building inclusive workplaces

January 02, 2017

Tata International is building a more inclusive environment at its facilities by providing employment opportunities to individuals with special needs.

Durgesh and Naresh have been working with Tata International for 20 years. The men work at the company’s world-class leather tannery located in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh (India). Their role at the tannery is to help the grade sorters and, over the years, they have mastered the grading activity. While they have earned their stripes in their professional capacities, they are also two of the most popular members of the staff. Almost every employee knows Durgesh and Naresh, who are not only easy to get along with but are also very good singers, and always participate in cultural activities.

Durgesh and Naresh are visually impaired. They have been since they were employed over two decades ago as part of Tata International’s Diversity & Inclusion programme.

Safety in teamwork
Industrial units typically have a number of safety precautions that are required to keep its workforce safe. This is true for the tannery as well, which has large-scale machinery and chemical handling. To ensure that Durgesh and Naresh, due to their special needs, are safe, certain additional precautions have been taken.

Their work stations are located away from heavy machinery and potentially hazardous facilities. Their colleagues help to ensure that there is no clutter around their work spaces. They have been made well aware of the fire safety procedures and their colleagues have also been trained to ensure that they are always accompanied during fire drills, etc. Additionally, they are accompanied by a colleague if they have to move around inside the factory premises.

Tata International believes that every individual deserves equal opportunity to sharpen their skills and work to their potential. Durgesh and Naresh, despite their special needs, have proved to be a great source of inspiration and ably demonstrate that nothing is impossible when one has the willpower.

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