Tata Africa Services Nigeria opens training centres for commercial customers

May 29, 2014

Tata Africa Services Nigeria and Tata Motors opened two new training centres for commercial vehicles in Satellite Town, about 30 km west of the Nigerian city of Lagos in March 2014. Managed by Tata Motors, the training centre and the e-learning centre will improve the skills of technicians and drivers who work for Tata distributors, dealers and authorised service stations (TASS) and customers, as well as local mechanics.

The objective is to resolve repeat complaints and extend the life of the commercial vehicles by training partners and customers’ employees on the proper handling of Tata vehicles, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. The initiative was welcomed by customers who attended the inauguration event. The training centre includes training shafts, cut models of Tata vehicles and well-equipped demonstration rooms and classrooms. The trainees will be able to participate in modules on dismantling and adjustments, trouble-shooting and preventive maintenance.

The Tata sales team has a roaming trainer who trains drivers and technicians in good driving habits, and has trained more than 500 drivers and 110 technicians over the past year.


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