Chairman Mr B Muthuraman felicitated by alma mater

April 28, 2014

Tata International Chairman Mr B Muthuraman was decorated with the ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’ by his 177-year-old alma mater, the Madras Christian College (MCC). Addressing the gathering, Mr Muthuraman credited the MCC learning culture for exposure to subjects such as humanities and psychology, “which expanded one’s thinking”. He also reminded the students in the audience that there were weightier lessons outside the campus.

“Knowledge alone is not sufficient to succeed. One also needs to develop a passion for performance, analytical ability, empathy and leadership attributes,” he said. He advised students to have a vision, adopt a ‘blame-it-on-yourself-rather-than-others’ attitude and be humble. Equally importantly, he wanted them to remember that life was not a 100-metre race but a marathon run, as he had seen many talents, brighter than some of those up the ranks, burn out prematurely.

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