TIL’s Fashion Leather Business team attends Stahl training

September 02, 2016

A team from Tata International’s Fashion Leather Business (Dewas, India) attended a training session by Stahl. The team of five was part of the four-hour session at Waalwijk, Netherlands, in August 2016.

The purpose of the visit was to gain technical expertise, knowledge of Stahl products and their usage in the leather finishing process. During the training, participants observed Stahl’s work processes, safety measures, cleanliness and methods for identification of chemicals.

The team has undertaken several trials and projects for upgradation and improvement of work speed particularly in nubuck leather, garment leather, cow leather in white, and for improvement of flexes in waterproof leathers.

The team also watched an informative presentation on various film-forming resins, to better understand their application and for comparative study of their characteristics.

Tata International’s Fashion Leather Business is a pioneer in the leather and leather processing industry and one of the leading exporters of leather products. With this training, the team has gained insights into how to meet more diverse customer and market requirements.

Stahl has 11 manufacturing sites and 38 application labs all over the world with more than 1,800 technicians worldwide. Their portfolio contains more than 4,000 products for leather manufacturing.

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