TIL wins CLE Export Excellence Awards 2012-13

January 31, 2014

Tata International’s (TIL)Leather business has won the Export Excellence Awards 2012-13 of the Council of Leather Exports (CLE) India. The business has been consistently winning top leather exporter awards in different categories for the past three decades.

Every year the Council presents Export Awards to member-exporters of leather and leather products in recognition of their efforts. The awards are prestigious as they are underwritten by the core objectives of helping build business collaborations and strategic alliances. The ‘Export Award Sub-Committee’ of CLE selected TIL for the CLE Export Excellence Award in recognition of the company’s excellent performance during the year 2012-13. TIL won first place in the Overall Exports and Finished Leather categories with turnover of Rs477 crore and Rs228 crore respectively.

The Council serves as a vital link between the Government of India and the leather industry in important policy measures, focusing on overall health and growth. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Leather and Leather Products from India, TIL is a holistic representation of the sector to all stakeholders, including policy makers and customers.

The Council presented the awards at the inauguration of the India International Leather Fair (IILF) on January 31, 2014 in Chennai. Mr Chris Hansen, Global Head, Finished Leather, TIL, accepted the awards on behalf of the company.

The Council of Leather Exports (CLE) is a Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, sponsored apex trade promotion organisation of the leather industry in India. It functions as the gateway to the Indian Leather Industry and is committed towards the overall development of Indian leather sector and to help in achieving higher export growth to enhance India’s share in global leather trade.


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