TIL fosters inclusive, equal opportunity employment

August 19, 2015

S Nandini is 23 years old and has been employed at Tata International’s (TIL) footwear factory in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) since January 2013. Like many of her peers, Nandini joined as a temporary worker and received on-the-job training. Starting off as a helper, her enthusiasm and hard work earned her a promotion to the semiskilled level in spite of being new to the industry. Six months later she was absorbed into the workforce and learned two more operational skills. Two-and-a-half years into her role, she is now adept at insole attaching, packing and counter moulding.

While she stands shoulder to shoulder with her colleagues, one thing that sets her apart is the fact that she is mute and hearing impaired since birth.

This bright young woman came from a disadvantaged background, like many of her colleagues, and had to give up her special education after Class VII. Nonetheless, financial constraints and disability, did not hold her back, but instead strengthened her resolve to achieve her dream of being financially independent. Tata International was and continues to be proud to partner with her in attaining that dream.

TIL promotes diversity and equal opportunity at all its facilities, keenly aware that supporting and empowering deserving candidates not only enriches the workplace and organisation, but has a wider positive influence on society as well.

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