TIL at Coaltrans World Coal Conference

October 30, 2015

Tata International (TIL), represented by Mr Sabyasachi Mishra, Head of Minerals Sourcing, was invited to share its perspective at the Coaltrans World Coal Conference.

The World Coal Leaders Network organised the conference on October 18-20, 2015 at Barcelona, Spain. The discussions focused on India’s coal boom that is halting import growth. “Imports are going to stay but they are not going to rise, they are not going to increase at the rate that was projected before, like 25 per cent growth every year”, said Mr Mishra. He added that the demand for imported coal would be flat at around 163 million tonnes per year going forward.

The thermal coal industry’s hopes of Indian demand growth helping absorb global oversupply are being dashed by a jump in domestic production from the world’s second largest importer. India is looking to more than double its total coal output to 1.5 billion tonnes by the end of this decade, with 500 million coming from the private sector. Coal fuels 60 per cent of India’s power production and the turnaround in the country’s coal industry has been a highlight of the new government’s tenure so far.

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