Tata International Metals team visits key Thailand supplier

December 02, 2019

Mr Ramesh Mani, Head – Metals, and Mr Manoj Jha, CFO – Metals, accompanied by a contingent of executives from Tata International’s Products for Aluminium Industry team, visited Thailand. The team visited the production facility of a key supplier in Thailand on November 15, 2019 and met with the supplier’s senior most management and key executives.

During the meeting the team’s discussed the possibilities of enhanced collaboration in the future, followed by a visit to the shop floor. This helped better understand the production capabilities and witness the samples of different profiles and applications. It also helped the team with a better understanding of manufacturing processes, giving them exposure to an advanced workshop and relationship building.

Mr Abhishek Srivastava and Mr Marcin Golab from the Business Development team also visited the supplier’s commercial office in Bangkok on November 18 for further discussions.

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