Sponge iron customer meet held in Bangalore

August 17, 2017

Tata International’s Minerals business organised a customer meet in Bangalore on August 11, 2017. The aim of the meet is to expand the company’s presence in the sponge iron market and engage deeper with existing customers. The meet was attended by decision-makers and key purchase officials of large and SME customer organisations. A cross-functional team from Sales, Finance and Operations of the Minerals business interacted with the customers, demonstrating the company’s commitment to addressing their concerns and serving them better.

The meet was led by Mr Sabyasachi Mishra, Head – Sales, who made the keynote presentation on Tata International, followed by a session on the coal business. The session on the index-based pricing mechanism was received well and a few of the smaller end-users expressed interest in exploring this option for part quantities of forthcoming shipments.

Mr Mishra then touched upon the shipments planned over the next two months and assured customers of maintaining continuity in supply. The team’s intent to source coal from select mines that would suit the requirement of sponge iron industry was welcomed by customers.

During the interactive session, customers were invited to share their queries and concerns. Mr Mishra’s assurance that the concerns would be suitably addressed was appreciated by the attending customers. They also shared their appreciation of Tata International bringing in transparency to coal prices to the sponge iron market.

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