Madagascar team rolls out social initiatives

January 25, 2016

Tata International’s subsidiary Mpumalanga Mining Resources SA, continues the rich Tata tradition of giving back to society by drawing up a CSR programme for the coming year. The programme will continue in the same activity areas as the previous year where much progress was made.

The plan is for the Andriamena region, in Madagascar, where prospecting activities are being conducted. The CSR programme will be in consultation with the heads of the village administration (Mayors) and other senior citizens considered as opinion leaders.

With a special emphasis, the organisation firmed its CSR programme for the past year, not only through welfare activities but also through relationship building activities like:

  • Meeting more frequently
  • Assurance of good corporate citizenship
  • Action against environment degradation
  • Inviting key members to its camp as part of the “Working together works” culture

Some of the welfare activities that were rolled out include:


  • Supply of stationery items (5,000 notebooks, 1,000 pencils, erasers etc.)
  • Flattening of the area where the new college of Andriamena is going to be built


  • Improvement of the water supply system by installing 230mm piping
  • Rehabilitation of the Mayor’s office, including supply of office furniture and stationery
  • Equipment of the municipality with an internet connection enabled computer and a printer
  • Solar panel to provide electricity to the municipality of Andriamena
  • Battery for gendarmerie of the municipality of Ambakeriny to enhance the communication system and the security of the population


  • One ton of rice to be distributed to the villages of Antanibaribe
  • Clothes distribution drive for the villagers
  • Leveling the road inside of the village
  • Leveling the road between Andriamena and Bravielle

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