Dewas team joins hands with government training centres

July 25, 2017

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has appointed Dr Chandrashekhar Katju, Factory Manager of Tata International’s Dewas unit and Head of CSR committee, Mr Peeyush Singh and Mr Shubham Jindani as Chairpersons of various Industrial Training Institutes cum skill development centres. The institutes are located in Mandsaur and Badwani districts and have been set up with the aim of providing local youth industry exposure and development.

On July 19, 2017, Mr Zindani, Chairman, skill development centre, Niwali, and Mr Singh, Chairman, skill development centre, Sitamau, visited their respective centres. During the visit, they laid the foundation stone and initiated work on necessary civil infrastructure. Both chairmen have also facilitated visits for students to the Dewas unit to gain hands-on industrial experience during the course.

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