Chairman Mr B Muthuraman meets DUBAL leadership

January 29, 2014

Mr B Muthuraman, Chairman of Tata International, met the leadership team of Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) in January 2014. He was accompanied by Mr Ramesh Mani, Global Head, Metals Trading, and Mr Aurindam Dey, Head – Products for Aluminium Industry, and Metallics and Rolls. Mr Muthuraman thanked DUBAL for its support in promoting the use of TIL’s collector bars. Mr Abdulla JM Kalban, President and CEO of DUBAL, presented Mr Muthuraman with a memento made of aluminium.

Teams from both companies then discussed the global aluminium industry. Mr Kalban briefed the visitors about DUBAL’s plans for the future and its upcoming merger with Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) in February 2014. The merged entity is to be known as Emirates Global Aluminium Limited (EGAL).


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