Tata International DLT inaugurates plant with Trailer Type Code AIS 113 capability

October 07, 2016

Published by NRI News 24X7 | Sunshine Pune | Punekar News | The Financial Express

Tata International DLT inaugurated its fourth plant with a capability of manufacturing AIS 113 certified products and special trailers on October 7, 2016. Mr NN Tata, Managing Director, Tata International, and Mr Arun Kumar Vora, Chairman, Tata International DLT, inaugurated the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of the company at Pune, Maharashtra (India). Tata International DLT received ‘Trailer Type Code AIS 113’ certification from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune, making it the first and only company in the trailer industry whose products are certified by the recently introduced safety standards.

Mr Badshah Akbar, Senior Deputy Director, ARAI, handed over the certificate that covers most products manufactured at all its facilities. Tata International DLT, already a market leader, leads the industry with products that meet global safety norms as per the standards. The standards for the trailer industry were introduced in April 2016.

Mr Rajeev Batra, Chief Operating Officer, Tata International DLT, highlighted the features of the company’s trailers, marketed under the Tata DLT brand. Mr Batra explained that with the addition of this facility, the Tata DLT product basket has been enhanced to include car carriers, trucks, tractor carriers and tip trailers along with standard trailers. This facility will ramp up the company’s production capacity to meet increased market demand in the heavy commercial transportation industry.

Tata International DLT is a joint venture between Tata International and Dutch Lanka Trailers Manufacturers, Sri Lanka, a Tata enterprise. Based in Waki, Pune, the company manufactures products under the brand name Tata DLT. The company manufactures all kind of standard trailers such as flatbeds, skeletal, sidewalls, semi low-beds, bomb-carts; special trailers such as truck chassis carriers, car carriers, tractor carriers, tip trailers and curtain slider coil bed carriers; customised trailers for equipment manufacturing companies and special trailers for defence requirements. These models encompass almost all heavy applications.


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