Tata and Valued Citizens Initiative on a mission to produce community leaders

November 07, 2019

Featured in Alexnews

The car manufacturing company TATA South Africa in partnership with Valued Citizens Initiative (VCI) a non-governmental organisation founded in 2001 recently hosted the Bridging for Life Programme at Wits University to hand over certificates and equip learners from different high schools around the province.

More than 100 learners from Alexandra High School attended the event that was aimed at equipping learners with skills like emotional intelligence, effective communication, self-leadership and management, career development and citizenship education to ensure academic resilience.

Speaking during the certificates hand-over ceremony, the executive director of TATA International in Africa Len Brand said his company was committed to working with communities to bring positive change. “We aim to do business in a manner that uplifts and creates entrepreneurs and leaders, because if you create leaders, they tend to uplift communities automatically.

“This is one of the reasons why we continue to work with VCI. Through the Bridging for Life Programme we are on our way to creating leaders that in turn uplift their communities.”

Alexandra High School Grade 12 learner and public speaker and one of the programme participants who received his certificate Thapelo Nxumalo said he learned so much about the importance of his voice during the past two years of his training programme.

“Listening is expensive because it is a skill. These past two years I have learned that my voice is my strength and it is a powerful weapon which is often taken for granted.

“Our voices can be used to conquer the world that is why it is important to use your voice positively because the human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.”

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