Tata International DLT launches India’s first intelligent trailer

August 03, 2018

Published by ET Auto | Autocar Professional | Team- Bhp.com | Motown India | The Telegraph | NRI News 24X7 | Desh Gujarat | Samachar Nama

Tata International DLT on Friday launched India’s first intelligent trailer at the Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo, inaugurated at Gandhinagar. The intelligent trailer is fitted with state-of-art technology that reduces dependence on manual tracking. The Intelligent Trailer will also help in reducing the number of road accidents and delivering enhanced operational efficiency to the trailer market, as per company release.

Rajeev Batra, Chief Executive Officer, Tata International DLT said “The intelligent flatbed trailer is the first in a series of intelligent trailer types that we are set to launch. These are lightweight trailers customized to give higher payload, thus increasing profitability.”

Loaded with advanced Trailer Electronic Braking System T-EBS, the new trailer is also capable of providing a platform for up to 40 innovative trailer operating functions.

The Intelligent Trailer aims to enhance trailer safety, security and efficiency; and offers significant added value for India’s trailer manufacturers, fleet operators and cargo owners.

The Intelligent Trailer paves the way for India’s trailer industry to upgrade from basic braking systems to the next level of advanced braking and suspension technologies required for higher levels of vehicle automation.

The advanced T-EBS (Trailer Electronic Braking System) optimizes stopping distances and controls trailer brake and suspension functions, the system also enables the trailer to connect drivers, fleets and cargo owners to rich sources of onboard systems and operational information.

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