Tata International Distribution teams celebrate Ethics Week

March 28, 2020

Every year the Tata group celebrates ‘Ethics Week’ through activities and communication to create awareness on the importance of ethics in the Tata culture and values.

Tata International’s Distribution teams in Johannesburg, South Africa came together on February 27, 2020 to celebrate Ethics Week with an iRun for Ethics event. Colleagues from Tata Africa Holdings as well as Tata Automobile Corporation (SA) headed to Lonehill Municipal Nature Reserve in Johannesburg on February 27, 2020 for a hike. During the hike, the six health instructors would stop at rest points for the team to do breathing exercises and discuss each of the 13 ethics.

The team then headed back to the office to play Tata Pictionary. The game was a fun way for employees to guess items related to the Distribution business.

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