health care


Tata International addresses the requirements of the healthcare sector in Africa. The product range includes pharmaceuticals, surgical disposables, diagnostic kits / reagents, and hospital furniture and equipment. Equipped with domain knowledge and infrastructure including a network of offices, showrooms, warehouses and delivery system, we provide end-to-end solutions. Our range of services to suppliers and customers includes marketing, sales and distribution in local trade, tender supplies and regulatory liaison. We support promotion, registration and distribution of all products throughout Africa through our office in Mumbai. Our local pharmacists are familiar with the product registration documentation requirements in Africa.

Our team of experts collaborates with pharmaceutical companies in India and other geographies offering quality-compliant branded or generic products. We work with suppliers to match regulatory standards and dossier compliances, and promote our products to African health experts along with our subsidiary Tata Africa, in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

Our approach is transparent as we screen suppliers through a qualifying procedure that complies with all applicable patent and other local laws. We aim to participate in international global tender projects for pre-qualification and collaboration with companies. Our infrastructure, including warehouses, could support APIs that we aim to represent, stock and distribute when Africa commences pharmaceutical manufacturing in the years to come.

Our main products are:

  • Pharmaceuticals

    • Formulations – generic, brands and OTC
    • Nutraceuticals, health foods
    • API – stock and sale for Africa
  • Surgical

    • Surgical disposables
      • Bandages / first-aid
      • Kit packs
    • Rapid diagnostic test kits and regents
  • Hospital Equipment

    • Hospital furniture
    • Medical devices
    • Diagnostic equipment