farm trac


Tata International has launched the Farmtrac range of tractors in Cambodia. The distribution and service needs of Farmtrac are supported by Tata International’s sales, service and spares (3S) facility in Phnom Penh and other key provinces. We have a 1,530 sqm facility in Phnom Penh that houses our office and a display area, and a tractor test-driving ramp that allows our customers the experience of test driving the tractors. Our service centre and warehouse ensure that any service requirements are optimally addressed.

Tata International is marketing and distributing Farmtrac with the objective of becoming one of the largest tractor brands in Cambodia. We also provide business support services including operator training for Farmtrac tractors. We are expanding our 3S operations with a dealer in Bantey Meanchey province, furthering our network around the Tonle Sap river. We are assisting dealers in opening similar facilities in other provinces for ease of access and assistance to farmers in spread out locations across the country.